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Emma Smith

I moved to Guelph on a whim when I was 18 and stayed because I fell in love with the city. It feels like a small town tucked in the middle of bustling southern Ontario. I have been a self-employed business person for over twenty years with two successful businesses to my credit. Being a Realtor® plays to my strengths; I am a self-starter with deep roots in Downtown Guelph, I have a broad social network who know and trust me, and a history of providing excellent, professional service. 

Through my years in business, I have learned that taking the time to develop a relationship with my clients is the key to success. Buying and selling real estate is a very personal and impactful transaction, it has the power to change lives. Therefore, it is most important to know the people involved. And the best way to do that is to know what questions to ask and to really listen to the answers. Once I do, I can jump into action.

After working in Guelph for the last 28 years, I’ve realized that it is vital to always speak with honesty and integrity. It has been a part of all of my relationships to establish a successful outcome. Honesty means speaking the truth at the right time to keep the conversation on track. That is not a sales technique, it’s vital for success. My reputation is very important for me and my business. Integrity means doing what one says they will do. Buying or selling a property is a large transaction and the customer must know that I will always be available to them and will carry out the actions necessary to win the day.

Allison Chan


I’m lucky enough to call Downtown Guelph home - specifically Exhibition Park. And while Downtown Guelph has my heart, I’m super proud to be able to say that I’m a Guelphite at all. I was born here, I grew up here and now I work as part of a wonderful team with my aunt & business partner, Emma Smith.

Raised by a family of entrepreneurs, I saw first-hand how building relationships with customers and the community is the most important part of creating a successful business. I have to say, it’s been a natural step for me, because I love Guelph so much! Between all of the incredible neighborhoods, the amazing local businesses and the wonderful people who call Guelph home, it’s so easy to make those meaningful connections. With our personal relationships, business connections and the power of social media, I truly feel like we are deeply rooted in this special community.

In the past, I’ve managed a retail store and a business specializing in home staging, cleaning and organizing. I know people, I know homes, and I know how to work with both. I’m passionate about presenting homes in their best possible light - which is why my experience home staging is so imperative to our business model. We help buyers envision themselves in specific homes and we set up clients homes to show their full potential. We work hard for every single client.

Our listings really stand out because of this attention to detail… and because I love social media. I’m the primary facilitator of our social media channels, and I spend a lot of time curating content and targeting the right audience.

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